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Prepare for your appointment at London acupuncture clinic

Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for many centuries to help people with different conditions. In the London acupuncture clinic I offer help to relieve pain, stress and anxiety, get pregnant and refill your batteries. For those who decided to try it and get all the benefits of acupuncture, I wrote these tips which you can use when preparing for your first acupuncture session.

1. Intake form.

Fill it out or at least read over it. Usually we have quite a health history and thinking about all of it helps to structure your mind and remember all questions you would like to ask me. It also helps to evaluate your complaints and then it is easier to follow the progress.

Don’t forget to bring a list of all of your current medications.

2. Leave all stress behind.

I highly recommend you to set aside time before and after your appointment. It is important to be not in a rush and arrive at the clinic in time, so give yourself at least 15 minutes before the treatment to find the clinic, park your car and drink some water in the lobby so you can be completely ready without any stress.

3. Nourish yourself.

It would be great to have the treatment not with an empty stomach. As acupuncture requires energy, having nutrition and energy for your body provides something to work with. It provides your body with the resources it needs to heal.

4. Clothes

There is no rule about what to wear for an acupuncture session. However it makes it easier if you have loose-fitting clothes to place the needles in the right place. 

5. Other treatments 

If you plan to have other treatments on the same day, it is better to schedule acupuncture as the last one. As acupuncture is very relaxing, you probably won’t want to go to the gym or pilates right after it. 

6. Enjoy acupuncture!

I try to create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquillity, and I would appreciate it if you could switch off your phone and try to concentrate on your feelings, physical sensations and emotions.

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