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About anti-aging facial acupuncture

The Taoist theory says that Yin and Yang gave birth to Five Elements – the major system of classifying everything. The idea of the Five Elements Theory is that the each element determines the underlying imbalance, which is treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine. 
China has a long history of beauty traditions, ancient manuscripts (221-45 BC) contain many herbal treatments which people used not only to solve skin problems but also for anti-aging.

Facial acupuncture developed under the Song dynasty and became very popular at the top level of the royal family. The next dynasty, the Ming, added the jade roll to their daily routines. 

Acupuncture has been used to promote longevity, beauty and, most importantly, general health for centuries.

Now many celebrities have their facial rejuvenating treatments regularly, and you can join this natural way to reverse the signs of aging.

Aside from the holistic point of view and the general improvement of the skin condition because of the increased blood circulation, acupuncture works on facial muscles, lines and wrinkles in the skin.


We have many different muscles on the face and with aging some of them become tenser and some more relaxe. Naturally, we have a tendency to contract muscles. Acupuncture is a simple method, which is used for this purpose — to relax tense and to stimulate overrelaxed muscles, which acheives a healthy balance.


Acupuncture needles are very thin and with a round point (not sharp, like needles for injections). So, the needle does not damage the skin by cutting it, but just moves it apart.

When I insert a needle, there is a very small skin injury. The normal body reaction is to produce more collagen to repair it. As the needle is inserted to the wrinkle intradermally, it helps to fill out the line.

Secondly, a lot of small perforations created by needles will remain open for a time, which is very good for application of rejuvenating serums and moisturisers.


What is included in facial acupuncture?

The first time, I will see you for a consultation, and we can do the treatment right after that. 

At the consultation we will discuss your complaints and what you would like to improve in your face. Also, it is important for me to know if you have had any injections or undergone any surgery on your face. Do not worry, all information is confidential. Your general health is the point of my interest too, I should be aware of any chronic diseases and if you have any pain in your body. 


Inserted needles affect concentrations of the naturally occurring opiate substances: dynorphin, endorphin and encephalin. Endorphins are natural pain-killing chemicals, so the pain level in any part of the body will decrease. Also, the insertion of the needles affects the part of the brain that governs serotonin, which is a brain chemical involved with mood, so your perception of the pain will be different. And, of course, we all have individual levels of pain tolerance. I can tell you that it might be uncomfortable at the first session, and I therefore use a numbing cream.

The needle goes about 2-3 mm into the skin and I normally do not insert it near vessels. However, there are a lot of capillaries, and we still make a penetration, so, yes, tiny bruises could appear after the session. That is why I do not recommend you to have the first acupuncture session right before an important event.

You won’t be surprised if the answer is that we are all different and we get results at different times. Approximately the first changes appear at the fifth session, but some of my clients already feel changes after the second session!

The most notable benefit of acupuncture is that the process continues even after the sessions are over. The skin becomes better and better, strengthening its tone and volume, recovering after a long time of low oxygenation. Sometimes it is recommended to have maintenance sessions every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on your skin condition.

A well-balanced diet is important when you are taking facial acupuncture treatment. As you know, before starting any acupuncture treatment I will ask you many questions about your body and health. If you don’t have any restrictions, normally I would recommend you to eat more food which is rich in collagen (meat, soups with bone broth etc) and food rich in vitamin C.