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Keypoint Acupuncture

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London acupuncture clinic

Effective treatments against various diseases, as well as reducing signs of aging, obesity, stress and others with


The clinic is run by a licensed acupuncturist Anna with a medical background

My method

Thank you for choosing me as your guide on your way to better health and well-being. My approach to healing is complex, I use not only Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques, but also my biomedical knowledge. This is why my patients acheive the best results — get their health back naturally and keep it that way longer.

Treating patient as a whole, not only his symptoms

Support your body’s own self-healing abilities.g

Each case is different and my approach is always individual

Treating the root of your problems

Gustave Xavier AzorinGustave Xavier Azorin
21:24 19 May 22
Anna is very profesional and her service is simply brilliant. After the 2nd session I already started feeling the effects! And only with a few needles in the arms and legs
Sasha LevinsSasha Levins
11:27 19 May 22
Very good service, competent specialist. I liked the result and additional facial care + anti-stress relaxation
22:17 03 Mar 22
I am very satisfied with facial acupuncture. Anna is an attentive sensitive professional person.I recommend!!!
Evgenia BudanovaEvgenia Budanova
21:18 27 Feb 22
Anna is an amazing specialist very careful and gentle, it feels really comfortable to be in her treatment. Highly recommended.
Olga BegunOlga Begun
19:46 23 Feb 22
Very professional, efficient and helpful. Always had a good advice and long-lasting effects of treatments.

What can you expect during your visit?


Acupuncture and TCM are beginning to become more and more popular. However, if you are new to acupuncture follow the link to see what to expect.


I use fine needles and gentle techniques. Usually there is no pain, but certainly there is a sensation de Qi. Patients describe it as tingling, warm, pulsating or a heavy feeling.

Treatments generally range from 45-60 minutes and depend on the condition being treated and the modalities used during the treatment.

A standard course for most conditions will be 1-2 treatments per week for the first month (4-8 treatments) and then we will reassess the frequency of treatment from there based on how you are doing.

Acupuncture does not only work for one disease in particular. The holistic approach is a special feature of Eastern versus Western medicine. So a person is considered as a whole and all diseases are the result of an imbalance.

Depending from thу treatment there could be 4-10 on general acupuncture and more on facial or weight loss acupuncture sessions.

It is often necessary to carry out 3-5 sessions in order to achieve a significant and lasting effect, but the first positive effects of acupuncture may appear immediately after the first session.

In a very rare case, small bruises can appear as we pierce the skin. In addition, there may be drowsiness and relaxation after the procedure. I do not recommend my patients to schedule sessions right before an important event.

I recommend not to plan too much right after the treatment. Give yourself time to relax and enjoy the outcome.

I also do massage, guasha massage, moxa and cupping.

We are all different, and the treatment has been performed individually. Unfortunately, a 100% cure may not come, as in Western medicine, sometimes medications do not help, and sometimes acupuncture does not work. With acupuncture, we create conditions for self-healing and often it takes time. By following my recommendations, the patient prolongs and enhances the effect of acupuncture even if they didn’t feel it right after, and we agree on an additional course of acupuncture. Often, by this time, there are only little remains of the original problem.

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