Welcome to my blog!

I am happy to see you here, in my blog about acupuncture! I hope it will be interesting for you!

Let me introduce myself, I am Anna, your private acupuncturist. Together we can achieve the best possible results in treating your problems.

Why should you choose me as your acupuncturist?

This is a tricky question, because I believe that every patient is unique and so is their own treatment. However, sometimes my way cannot be accepted by a patient.

First of all, in my home country there is no other way to obtain an acupuncture diploma if not by getting a medical degree and then studying traditional Chinese Medicine. I am a neurologist, I worked as neurologist several years and the medical knowledge is always with me. Medical education helps me a lot in the practice of acupuncture, I see patients from many different points of view and notice things which are important for diagnosis in western medicine and traditional Chinese Medicine and I can put it together and see a bigger picture. Also I know where vessels and nerves are located, as well as other anatomical objects, so no damage can be done.

Secondly, I am quite young. I finished my education in my 25, but I never stopped studying. My fresh knowledge of acupuncture can help in many senses. I can use methods that I just studied or that I have already practiced with my patients. All that makes my mind flexible and I try to find the best solution (treatment) for each patient uniquely.

Thirdly, I think it is important that my room is located in Harley street (tube station Oxford circus) which is convenient for patients from any part of London.

In the end I could say that I am a very positive person! I am sure you will enjoy our sessions and together we can have great results!

Remember: any disease is easier to treat in the initial stages! 😉

Always yours,

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