What is Qi, the most important concept in TCM?


What is Qi, the most important concept in TCM?

I’ll briefly explain it to you.
It is a basic energy, which can be presented in many different forms.

Yuan Qi (Original Qi) is essence in Qi form, it is based in the kidneys and is a source of meridian’s energy. It catalyzes the production of other types of Qi.

Gu Qi (Grain Qi) obtained by the body with food, it is used for energy circulation and transforms into Zong Qi. TCM does not accept starvation as a method of treatment, because it leads to the depletion of Qi.

Zong Qi (Gathering Qi) is a combination of Gu Qi and Air, which assists the Heart and Lungs with their functions.

Zhen Qi (True Qi) is formed from Zong Qi. This type of Qi circulates in the meridians and nourishes the organs. Zhen Qi is composed of Ying Qi (Nutritive Qi) and Wei Qi (Defensive Qi).

When imbalances arise, the Qi functions are disrupted. The main objective of acupuncture is to stabilise the system of Qi and re balance the body.

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